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Rupert the Dinosaur

Rupert the Dinosaur

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Written by Douglas Vallgren , illustrated by Karl Newson, both from Norfolk. Even the books are printed in Norfolk, (by Swallowtail Printers, Drayton).

The story was created many years ago when Douglas was reading a bedtime story to his then 3 year old daughter, Sophia. Sophia was bored of hearing the same old story night after night and asked her dad to tell her a different tale.  Something new. Something different, something no one else had ever heard before!

Drawing on their recent visit to ROARR!, Douglas created his own Dinosaur character and weaved a story to captivate Sophia’s imagination. Rupert the Dinosaur was that story.

Each in the series are beautifully hand painted with fun packed tales, and educational themes softly woven inside. Great for parents and teachers alike. The readership age goes up with each book, for all siblings to enjoy.

Signed by the author.

ISBN 978-0-9927347-0-1

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